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Juanito’s Bistro @ Kapitolyo

I used to just pass by Juanito’s Bistro whenever I drive around Kaptiolyo. This is one of the restaurants that you will find on the long food alley of Kapitolyo. 

How did I find this place? As a foodie, I just wouldn’t get it out of my system to search for a new restaurant to dine in weekly. During that week I was craving for Isaw (Chicken Intestine), a Filipino delicacy. Hence, I took the chance of visiting this restaurant as this is just in our neighborhood.


I got myself an order of Buttered Corn (PhP 120.00), since as always I’d take what is low on carbs but high on fiber. A plus is, this is half the carbs that you get from eating rice.


Oh and we got ourselves our favorite, adobong sitaw (PhP 140.00) . The taste was just right, not too salty and not too sour. :)


To add as well is their Buttered Chili Wings (PhP 185.00), where the spice is just right.


And my most awaited food for the night was Crispy Chicken Isaw (PhP 185.00). I loved every bite I made on this one and the sauce was just perfect! But this one is just quite high in cholesterol and it is good for 3 persons actually. :) 

Cravings were satisfied on my first visit! And we’ve decided to return here one day for a couple of drinks just for the experience. :)

And a second visit has been made for a night of drinks. This time there were no main course meals, rather, we ordered a couple of Filipino street food.


This time we tried the Pork Isaw (PhP 120.00), and this was enough for 2 heads this time.


Ordered Dynamite or Chili Cheese Longganisa (PhP 180.00) as well, this had cheese and longganisa meat inside the green chili. I love how the cheese melts in every bite. The spice itself is just right as well.


Beef Nachose (PhP 160.00) won’t be missed out as well on a drinking night. Love this as well! Another night of cravings were satisfied.


We as well ordered Lychee Margarita and Sprite Vodka as the drinks for the night. :)


Below is the menu of Juanito’s Bistro, go visit this place as I recommend it for great food. Bring company as well as they will enjoy every bit of stay in this place. :)




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Chasing Dreams && Opportunities


This year had been quite a challenge for me, knowing where I’m passionate about, searching for opportunities and chasing my dreams. It was quite a rough road, going from one company to another and finding out that I might have made a wrong choice of moving out. 

Could be quite impulsive and was not yet ready for what the world has in-store for me. Facing failure and probably, I was about to give up. Feeling that chasing for that dream must be quite too early. 


At a young age of 24, I have so many dreams and no one or nothing is ever going to stop me from reaching it. 

"The only way to do great work is to love what you do. If you haven’t found it yet, keep looking. Don’t settle. As with all matters of the heart, you’ll know when you find it." - Steve Jobs

To me it’s not about chasing your passion but to find that “passion” in what you have in the now. I myself have a great love for fashion and travel but I work in the IT industry and found my heart in it in the long run. And maybe, focusing myself so much in chasing my dreams have lost me and my beliefs..


Moving on another job for this year have reminded me of what I am passionate about and to count my blessings. Still I am working in the IT industry with a plus of having the bulk of the business in the travel industry. The opportunity to travel and learn about different cultures is where my heart is in.

It is true, that one day you’ll stop looking and you would say that this is where you want to stay. It is true that you will know once you find it.

Not everyone gets the chance to be able to say that they enjoy their work and maybe work doesn’t even feel like work. No matter how tired I may feel, still this job has been fulfilling and I’ve enjoyed every minute and hour of it. 

Never stop dreaming and believing. Keep on searching ‘til you find where your heart is but never forget to see the littlest blessings that comes with where you are.

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Living Like A Local at Park Avenue Rochester (Singapore)

It had been long that I had been familiar in cities having their own Serviced Apartments such as Picasso Boutique in Makati. 

And I was able to get to experience this in Singapore thanks to my uncle and it was quite exciting to live in a condominium type of home than staying in a hotel. The place sure felt like home as Park Avenue Rochester in One Rochester, having a mall just a few steps away and having a gym inside the building. Everything that you need is just a few steps away, isn’t that just great? :)

Upon entering our place, the first thing that you will see is our dining area. It has it’s own stove, microwave, sink and a decent area to eat. Oh, and they as well have a washing machine to wash your clothes instead having it laundried out.


A few more steps away, you are now able to see the entertainment area.


The place that we stayed in also had 2 bedrooms and to give you a view of the room, below is the minimalist interior for the bedroom.


But this room just felt so empty.. without this little kid. :) 



And what about the washroom? We as well had 2 washrooms, 1 could be located inside the bedroom while the other is a common washroom.

Their washroom as well had a modern interior, they already have these see through bathing area that I am not fond of. :)


When staying here, don’t forget to bring your gym clothes and swimming attire as you can use the gym and pool any time. I love their place as it supports my daily lifestyle, still fit even you are on a vacation. Cheers to a guilt free vacation!

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Taking my feet to new places: Haji Lane

This place may seem a bit familiar to some, specially to those who used to watch “Got to Believe” (Filipino Series). This was where the Filipino cast had a shoot and never thought that it was as a fashion lane.  A tiny hidden lane with colorful houses will surely catch anyone’s interest - this is the Haji Lane.

"This tiny lane, hidden away in the heart of the Muslim quarter, is a fashionista’s paradise. With very little fanfare, the collection of narrow shop-houses have, in less than a year, been transformed into an aggressively hip retail stretch recalling Le Marais in Paris or New York’s Meatpacking District.” - Time Magazine

I found the place to be quite fascinating, not just how the houses looked so nice from the outside but the stores as well had a unique concept. Walking in to the different stores had as well opened my eyes to a different world. It’s just a great place to have a mini shoot of your own.

Talking about a fashion place? The stores as well sell clothes other than unique stuff. However, these stores aren’t as cheap as we would normally think it would be. They sell great looking clothes (that we won’t normally find in malls) but would as well come with an expensive price.

This place is still a great place to pass by when you’re in Singapore. :)

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Food Trip @ Singapore

Other than shopping around Singapore, our other agenda is to go on a food trip in Singapore. And this time it is a first for me to go to a hawker center.

Hawker center seemed like a food market or a food court out side a mall. They have a lot of stalls around a given eating area.

For the first timer, I got myself chicken rice (SGD 4-5) - they sure had a generous amount of serving for the food.

And Pineapple fruit juice worth SGD 1.50.

Budget on these places for food and drinks is around SGD 5-7.

So our adventure did not end there, we visited another hawker center before going to Ikea. And this one had a bigger place and a lot of stalls to choose from. 

So, here is my cousin who is looking around for food to buy..Hello there cousin! :)

I got myself what they call dry noodles and I do recommend this meal. It is not your usual type of noodle soup that you get to order from the Chinese restaurant. Yet, it may be a bit different but I did enjoyed this meal.

For those going to Singapore, go and explore the nearest Hawker center in your place. I’m sure you’ll love this little experience. :)