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A wanderer who wants to visit and see a lot of places and who has a lot of thoughts to spill out.

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Day til Night

Missing my corporate attire as I used to work for companies where at least Smart Casual type of attire is required. Working now for a company with a relax type of environment (when it comes to dress code) had made me miss the effort of planning my clothes daily.

Through the years of working, I would always invest on clothes and accessories that I could wear and style in and out of work. For this set - neutral colors accessorized by gold and teal which could be worn as #OOTD and as #OOTN.

CANDICE X Top, Blazer, Bracelet and Necklace from Forever21 | Jeans from Next Jeans PH | Heels from Chelsea | Pouch from Coach

Here is to my work and party day songs:

1. Voices - Go Wolf

2. Happy - Pharrell Williams

3. Awkward - San Cisco

4. Best Day of My Life - American Authors

5. Summer Forever - Megan Nicole

6. Birthday - Selena Gomez

7. Sing - Ed Sheeran

8. Maps - Maroon 5

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Celebrating at Ippudo and a cake that we enJOYed

September is a month of celebrations and one of the highlights of mine is his birthday. :)

While I was planning where to treat him out for his special day, I remembered that this boy is a fan of ramen. He had always asked me where can he find a ramen house near our area and to grant him his cravings we dined in Ippudo. 

Ippudo has been around since 1985 and can be found almost all around the globe, including London, New York, Sydney, Hong Kong, China, Indonesia, Philippines, Singapore, Taiwan, Thailand and South Korea.

Before we get started on what we ordered, here are a few tips on how to eat their great ramen. Sip-Slurp and Top, every bit of their ramen is worth each cent and each calorie.

And it’s time to order! We each had our ramen - Akamaru Shinaji and Karaka Chashu

I had Akamaru Shinaji (Php 390.00) , this is Ippudo’s original tonkotsu broth enhanced with special blended miso paste and fragrant garlic oil. Served with thin noodles, pork belly, kikurage and spring onions.

And he had Karaka Chashu (Php 460.00) - Karaka-Men with simmered pork belly. This is Ippudo’s original tonkotsu broth served with thin wavy noodles, pork belly, and spring onions. This also has their special spicy minced meat, miso past and fragrant garlic oil.

We had the hardness of our noodles as medium and we still enjoyed the goodness of the ramen, but they would recommend you to have it hard. Gave both ramen a taste and I would still go for Akamaru Shinaji, as I like the garIic taste and I find Karaka Chashu a bit too salty for my taste buds.

I’ve heard one of the things that you must take a bite on in their menu is Ippudo’s Pork Buns, however, the day we tried this restaurant they still didn’t have their pork buns available. :( This is going to be another reason to go back and dine here! :)

And they as well served us with free hot tea - I love tea! :)

So far, this is the ramen that I enjoyed. Their broth wasn’t too oily and their noodles really tasted great besides that it was a bit salty. I would definitely come back here. :)

3F Mega Fashion Hall, SM Megamall, Ortigas Center, Mandaluyong City
Telephone: +632 470-1837
Operating Hours: Open Daily 10.00am to 10.00pm
FacebookIppudo Philippines

Note: No reservations and expect long lines this BER season.

And to cap off our celebration, here is a cake from Joy San Gabriel. Thank you to our friends who have worked with me for this surprise and to Joy who did a really great job in decorating the cakes. :)

I’ve asked Joy to make me mini cakes that is designed like a small gift box. And here is her lovely creation, it sure did not only look pretty but it tastes great. 

These were apple and carrot cakes, the first time that I was able to eat and enJOYed such fruit cakes. Thank you for the experience Joy! 

Recommending her cakes to those who are thinking of getting customized goods. :)

Joy San Gabriel - http://joysangabrielcakes.blogspot.com/

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Another take on Singapore

Singapore? I guess this is another country close to my heart besides my homeland Philippines. Singapore has been a familiar place for me as I’ve been here a couple of times already. The last time I went there was for a business trip.

List of things we did -

1. Stayed in Carlton City
2. Alone time - food trip at Mcdo 
3. Lunch at Rocky Master
4. Night out at OverEasy
5. Had Magnum in the middle of our party night

Work has never been this fun. :) 

How can I not love work, when you get a nice hotel room for you.. :)

My alone time was spent in buying a meal in Mcdo and getting myself some dessert. This is my favorite meal in Mcdo, how I wish we had this in PH.

Lunch out at Rocky Master, still veggie on my menu - caesar salad and mushroom soup. Keeping a strict diet for myself.. discipline while on a semi vacation trip. :)

At night, we do party harder.. Mojto at OverEasy. Drinks up! after a stressful work week.

And to end the night, the girls took a few minutes to try the DIY Magnum. And all I can say is this is too sweet for my taste buds but it is worth a try, just for the experience. :)

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Anonymous SAID:
You don't seem to smile a lot in your photos. Happy pics please. ;)

Hi Anon :) this comment is much appreciate. Thank you for reminding me to smile in my photos. 

Surely the next few photos will have those smiles (someone has been keeping me happy) <3